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Propamocarb hydrochloride Aria

Propamocarb hydrochloride 72.2% SL

Propamocarb hydrochloride Aria

Propamocarb hydrochloride 72.2% SL

Systemic Fungicide  With  Protective, Curative Action





Propamocarb hydrochloride is a  Carbamate. It is systemic fungicide for preventive use especially active against Oomycetes fungi of the genera Pythium, Aphanomyces, Phytophtora, Peronospora, Pseudoperonospora and Bremia causing damping-off, root and stem rot, leaf blight, fruit rot and downy mildew. It is applied as a preventive soil drench or by soil incorporation, seed dressing, dipping of bulbs and roots or foliar spraying. Propamocarb-hydrochloride is especially approved for use on ornamentals and horticultural crop in many countries. The mode of action of propamocarb-hydrochloride differs from that of other commonly used systemic Oomycete fungicides. Fungal strains which have become widely resistant to other groups of fungicides are also controlled.  Propamocarb hydrochloride must be applied preventively either as a soil drench or by incorporation into soil or compost. Propamocarb hydrochloride is absorbed by the roots and translocated to all parts of the plant. Activity lasts for up to 8 weeks, depending on dosage, application technique, soil type and climatic conditions. To achieve maximum distribution and effectiveness, soil or compost must be moist.



Product Name

1 liter per thousand liters of water at the time of seed sowing and seedling transfer and 0.75 liters per thousand liters of water two weeks after seedling transfer (plant foot solution)

Damping off



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