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Cyproconazole + Carbendazim Aria

Cyproconazole + Carbendazim 42% SC

    Cyproconazole + Carbendazim Aria

Cyproconazole + Carbendazim 42% SC

Systemic Fungicide  With  Protective, Curative Action


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Cyproconazole + Carbendazim is a systemic fungicide with protective & curative action containing Cyproconazole and Carbendazim as the active ingredients. Cyproconazole is a triazole & Carbendazim is a benzimidazole fungicide. Carbendazim, an inhibitor of tubulin biosynthesis & Cyproconazole inhibits demethylation, a particular step in the synthesis of a component of the fungal cell wall called sterol. The interval between the last spraying and the harvest for wheat is 42 days. Foliar application at the rate of 0.5 liters per hectare in the stage of spike emergence and if necessary, repeated spraying at one week interval is recommended to control Fusarium of wheat spike disease.



Product Name

0.5 lit per hectare

Fusarium head blight


1 lit per hectare

Sclerotinia stem rot


سایپروکونازولکاربندازیم عکس سه تایی

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