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Famoxadone+cymoxanil Aria

Famoxadone+cymoxanil 52.5% WG

Famoxadone+cymoxanil  Aria

Famoxadone+cymoxanil 52.5% WG

Curative and Protective Fungicide



FRAC C31127

Famoxadone+Cymoxanil is a preventive and curative fungicide containing Famoxadone and Cymoxanil as the active ingredients. Cymoxanil is a Cyanoacetamide -oxime & Famoxadone is a Oxazolidine- dione fungicide. It is a fungicide with excellent protective and medicinal effect against mildew on vines, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers and other crops. It is applied as a foliar spray & having a good redistribution on the cuticles, translaminar activity and local systemic with a spray interval of 7-14 days. It is also effective when used in an IPM program. This product with two famoxadone and cymoxanil active compounds acts as follows: Cymoxanil penetrates rapidly and is evenly distributed in the leaves. Inhibit the production and spread of the infection as well as the propagation of the pathogen. Famoxadone partially penetrates the leaf cuticle and inhibits spores' germination and infection.



Product Name

400 gr per hectare

Late blight


200 gr per hectare

Downy mildew



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