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Dodine Aria

Dodine 65% WP

Dodine Aria

Dodine 65% WP

Systemic Fungicide  With  Protective & Low Curative Action




Dodine is a Guanidine derivative and acts predominantly as a protective fungicide, but also has a small degree of curative action. It is greatest use is in apples and pears for the control of Venturia inaequalis (black spot or scab) and it is also used against a limited range of other diseases. Dodine causes in cell death and leakage of potassiumins, UV-absorbing materials, and ribose-containing molecule; dodine causes gross and extensive damage to the cytoplasmic membrane, which is probably implicated in the death of cells.



Product Name

 1kg per thousand liters  of water

                     Apple scab


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