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Fosetyl Aluminium Aria

Fosetyl Aluminium 80% WG

Fosetyl Aluminium Aria

Fosetyl Aluminium 80% WG

Systemic Fungicide With Protective & Curative Action


Fosetyl-aluminium is a phosphonate compound but has a structure and mode of action that are different to other organophosphorus compounds used as pesticides.

Fosetyl- Aluminium systemic mode of action provides long-lasting, broad-spectrum preventative control of diseases such as Pythium and Phytophthora in many crops. True up-and-down systemic action for effective, preventative disease control.

Fosetyl Aluminium is a Group Code 33 fungicide. Use of this group over more than 20 years has not revealed resistance problems. The product is therefore suitable for use in an anti-resistance programme.

Fosetyl Aluminium is compatible with most pesticides and fungicides used in the crops where it is registered. However, it must not be mixed with copper-containing fungicides, nitrogen-containing foliar feeds or pesticide formulations containing dicofol or endosulfan.

Dosage Disease Product Name
2.5 liter per thousand liters of water, if needed With expert opinion maximum 3 times and with two weeks apart Pistachio Phytophthora Root and Crown Rot Pistachio


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