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Bordo Ariashimi

Bordo Aria WP

   Bordo Ariashimi

Bordo Aria  WP

Fungicide & Bactericide With Protective Action


Bordo Ariashimi is a mixture of copper sulfate (CuSO4) and slaked lime (Ca(OH)2). Bordo Ariashimi is an effective fungicide and bactericide that has been used to control diseases of fruit and nut trees, vine fruits, and ornamental plants. These natural minerals, when mixed in the correct order, provide long-lasting protection to plants against diseases. It is sprayed on plants as a preventative to control Fire blight on pears and apples , Leaf curl and shot hole on peaches and nectarines, Walnut blight on walnut, Downy mildew and… its mode of action is ineffective after a fungus has become established. The ability of Bordo Ariashimi to adhere to plants in rainy weather makes it an excellent choice for a winter fungicide. Applying Bordo after trees break dormancy generally isn’t recommended, because it can injure leaves.


Dosage Disease
Spraying is in the range of 1-2 liter per 100-liter of water, in the case of bacterial canker if the contamination is more than 5%, spraying is 0.5 liter per 100-liter of water, one time before flowering

Shot hole disease

Cold fruit trees Canker

Stone fruit bacterial canker

Peach Leaf Curl



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