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Cymoxanil+Chlorothalonil+mancozeb Aria

Cymoxanil+Chlorothalonil+mancozeb Aria

  Cymoxanil+Chlorothalonil+mancozeb 65% WP

        Non-Systemic Fungicide  With  Protective Action       



Cymoxanil+Chlorothalonil+mancozeb is a non-systemic fungicide with protective effect. This fungicide consists of the effective combination of Mancozeb from the Dithiocarbamate group, Chlorothalonil from the Chloronitriles group and Cymoxanil from the Cyanoacetamide -oxime group.This fungicide exerts its effect by causing a general disturbance in the cellular metabolism of the fungus. It  should not be mixed with oily compounds & should not be dissolved directly in the tank and its better to first prepare the solution in a separate bucket and then add it to water of tank.This fungicide can be used to crops, vegetables and gardens (potato, pepper, onion, lettuce, cucumber, cantaloupe, melon, watermelon, grape, strawberry, tomato and citrus fruits).



Product Name

30 grams per liter of water by coloring method



سه تایی آریا2

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